“Hurry,” I told my secretary when I got back from lunch. “We have to get the table and all the chairs out of the conference room. It’s got to be empty by this afternoon.”

Why? She wanted to know.

During lunch, my colleague, Mr. Jones* had casually mentioned that he was thinking about starting his own firm, but that he wasn’t sure yet. He wanted to know what I thought. He also said he had a meeting with his boss later on that afternoon when he might bring up the topic.

“Well,” I said in response to his question. “I have a conference room you can use for office space. I could get it ready this afternoon, if you like.”

He looked puzzled. He thanked me for my offer and said, “I’ll let you know.”

But, at 4PM, the phone rang and it was Mr. Jones. “Is your offer about the conference room still good?”

“Come on over,” I said. “It’s already empty.” Box in hand, Mr. Jones moved into my conference room at around 4:30 PM.

And, that’s how many attorneys start their law firms.

But, if you don’t want to be Mr. Jones…

Here are the 6 things you need to do before you start your law firm:

Law Associate Downloading the Firm's Motions Bank

Download Your Old Firm’s Motion Bank

Download your old firm’s motions bank

Download everything, and I mean everything. Download all the forms, letters, pleadings, etc. Make sure you download the ENTIRE motions bank, if you can.

Associate calling clients while Senior Attorney yells at him.

Call the clients, even if the Senior Attorney yells at you to “Stop calling the clients!”

Develop your own relationships with all the senior attorney’s clients

Make sure you contact and talk to each and every client, as many as you can, and as often as you can, even if the managing attorney yells at you to “stop calling the clients!” (Your managing attorney knows his clients are always on the lookout for a better and cheaper lawyer. Let this be YOU.)

Announce your new firm's information and CHEAPER rates.

Announce your new firm’s information and CHEAPER rates.

Let the clients know your new firm’s information and CHEAPER rates

No, this is NOT a solicitation. This is an ANNOUNCEMENT. You are simply letting people know about your new firm, the legal services your new firm offers, and your firm’s CHEAPER rates.

Check your Non-Compete Clause

It’s best to not violate your non-compete whenever possible. However, remember, non-compete clauses must be reasonable in time and scope. AND, most importantly – law firms do not own clients, clients hire attorneys.

Prepare your new office space.

Prepare your new office space.

Prepare your new office space

Preferably, before you tell your boss you are “thinking” about starting your own firm.

When starting your new law firm, it is best to be

When starting your new law firm, it is best to be “let go.”

It’s best to be “let go”

When you are ready, tell your boss you are “thinking” about starting your own firm. You will be immediately “let go.” It is to your advantage to be “let go” because you will be entitled to severance pay, any unused vacation and sick pay, and finally, you will be eligible for unemployment benefits, if needed.

Best of luck!

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